Hello! Welcome to my website! I am so excited that you are here.

I am a traveling virtual assistant supporting travel industry professionals with day-to-day tasks and projects.  In addition to administrative support, I also offer organizational services, event planning and housesitting.

Do you need someone to help you?

If your time can be better spent working on what you do best, contact me to do those things you don’t want to or have time to do.

I can help!

Reasons to hire a virtual assistant:

  • Hiring a virtual assistant will let you focus on what is most important to you

  • You will save money on overhead, insurance costs, employee benefits and taxes

  • You aren’t responsible for a full-time support person in the office working 40 hours a week, you only pay for hours needed

  • I can take care of those tasks you don’t like to do, don’t have time to do, or just don’t know how to do

  • You will save time, your time for yourself or your time for focus on the important tasks that only you can do

  • I have a knowledge base of multiple skills and can help in many ways