During my 2018 solo European trip, I attended a conference in Rotterdam. Since I was in Holland, I contacted some friends that I met through my son, Jesse. Jesse met Yoran in San Francisco and they traveled together across the US landing in Winneconne, Wisconsin. I hosted Yoran for about a month and we became good friends.

When I came to Amsterdam during my 2012 trip, Yoran was who I stayed with and rode through Germany to Munich with to meet up with Jesse after his Camino walk. We all attended Oktoberfest together.

I contacted Yoran and his “bird”, Noreen, to see if they were available for a visit. They had since had two children and I was excited to see them all.

I stayed at my first B & B in Appeldorn, and it was incredible. I met up with Yoran and Noreen and hung out with them a couple of days before heading on to Amsterdam for my flight home.