Third stop on my 2020 European solo trip was to Morocco. One of those exotic places I have dreamed about my entire life. Nothing can top the ferry ride through the Strait of Gibraltar from the southern tip of Spain to Tangier, or being able to see Africa from high viewpoints in Spain. I didn’t spend much time alone while in Morocco.

Tangier –

I stayed at an AirBnb in Tangier and met up with a wonderful woman from the Host a Sister FaceBook group, Hamida. We met after her workday on two evenings during my short stay. She showed me around Tangier, took me to the medina and helped me order Moroccan food. We visited Cafe Hafa and another popular spot where people sat on the rocks overlooking the sea. 

My AirBnb host was good friends with a tour guide, and so one day was spent with him showing me Tangier from one end to the other. We started on the north end at a lighthouse and followed the coast to a spot where the Mediterranean Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean. Then further south we stopped at Hercules Cave. Back in the city, we stopped at a cemetary and the Tanger American Legation.

Chefchaouan – 

On my last full day in Tangier, I took a Grand Taxi to Chefchaouan to spend the day with a woman from Australia, Belle, that I met the bus in Spain going from Seville to Tarifa. Chefchaouan is incredible! I just love the blue. It was pretty hilly, but quite the sight to see. Belle and I wandered, shopped, ate, got henna tattoos and I got to hold some parrots.

Belle returned to Tangier with me, stayed at my Airbnb and we took the train together to Casablanca, where we then switched over to a bus for the final leg of the journey to Marrakech.

Marrakech – 

During the TBEX 2018 event in Ostrava, I met Heather, who is a travel blogger focusing on dance and music. Heather lives in Marrakech, and I stayed with her during this visit. She showed me the medina, took me to lunch with expats that she meets with on a regular basis and we visited the Badia Palace and Jardin Majorelle, beautiful gardens.