For my second solo European trip, I flew TAP Air Portugal. The airline offers an option to extend your layover, a stop-over choice between Lisbon and Porto. I took advantage of this and opted for three nights in Lisbon. 

I couchsurfed with Neuza, her son and her boyfriend. Oh, and her big dog, who slept with me one night. Neuza was unable to collect me until evening, so I explored Lisbon. A gentleman that worked for the station was at the lockers when I went to put up my bags for the day. The lockers were full, so he helped me with my bags and walked me to the next station with available lockers. He was actually originally from the US, but had been living in Lisbon for many years. He showed me around a bit, told me a couple things to be sure to see and gave me tips on finding my way around. It was a great help. Everywhere I go, I met great people that help me or are kind to me in some way.

Day trips I took from Lisbon include Belém and Cascais, both along the water. Belém at the mouth of the Tagus River and the Atlantic; and Cascais on Portugal’s southern coast on the Atlantic.