Organizing a Coca Cola Collection to Sell

Organizing a Coca Cola Collection to Sell

I am going to be working on a huge project for my brother, he has this gigantic Coca Cola collection, so I thought I would blog about it and keep you up-to-date on its progress to showcase my organizational skills.

I will be cataloging all the items, cleaning them up (they have been on display in the living room for years), researching the items to decide on pricing, matching them up with the certificates that some have, taking photos, boxing them up and labeling them.

I have my work space all set up, and:

1.  My first step will be categorizing them in to groups of like objects. For example, I am going to put all the tins in a box, I’ve already put all the plush bears in a box, etc.

2.  The second step will be to dust or wash each item, I’ll go a group at a time. Like start with the plush bears first, then move onto the tins – you get my drift.

3.  I’ll then need to identify each item using either any labels on the item or researching on the internet.

4.  Once identified, I’ll catalog each item in a database. The database will eventually hold the following information:

a. ID numbers
b. Item description
c. Comparable pricing
d. Photos
e. Selling price

5. Once I have all the information I need, I will box up each item and label it. It will be ready to ship as soon as sold.

6. I’m not fully decided on how to sell them yet. I know there are avenues you can use, like a store in Etsy, or maybe on Amazon or eBay. Setup an on line store? I’ve got plenty of time, this is going to take very long! Looking for suggestions.

This Coca Cola collection is very, very large. Here are a few photos to show what I mean, and there’s more. Christmas trains, huge puzzles put together and framed, floor lamp. He’s got a shit-ton of this stuff.

If you know anyone looking for Coke products, send them here!!

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