World Travel

This tab shows my travels. Each page will include a map of the routes I have taken and pictures along these routes. This will give you an idea of what to see and where to go based on some of my experiences. I’ll be listing all the places I’ve stayed with a review of each, and some of the places I’ve eaten.

Clicking on a country on the Map of Countries Visited once will enlarge it, clicking on the country twice will take you to its page on this website.

Or you can click on the country buttons shown below the map.

The Travel Map at the bottom of the page is a full world map showing the routes and the attached pictures. Each page has it’s own individual Travel Map, this page shows the combined routes and pictures for all places visited. In some cases, a route is not shown if it wasn’t practical or done in a way that the route could be shown. Only points on the map that I visited will show up with a star, but the pictures will be attached.